Antitrust In Honduras

Autor:Ms Claribel Medina
Cargo del Autor:CENTRAL LAW Medina, Rosenthal & Asociados

Recently the Antitrust Commission in Honduras drafted a Guide of Reference Document fro the proper definition of Relevant Market adapted to local law. The document was exposed before many professionals related to Antitrust and law firm CENTRAL LAW Honduras has been invited to participate.

In Honduras, Antitrust Law is ruled by Legislative Decree 357-2005 published in La Gaceta Nº 30920 of February 4th 2006 and by internal resolutions of the Antitrust Commission (in Spanish, CDPC).

The aim of the Law is to promote and protect the free exercise of free competition to procure an efficient performance of the market and consumer welfare.

Economic conglomerates are ruled to avoid abuse from companies with dominant market position; it prohibits the commitment of restrictive activities of free competition. Also, the Law eases the coordination and cooperation between CDPC and the Regulatory Commissions of Banks, Insurances, Telecommunications and Energy.

Guide Document of Reference for the definition of Relevant Market:

The document defines market as a process...

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