Mining In Honduras: Real Deposits Of Precious Opals

Autor:Ms Guadalupe Martinez Casas
Cargo del Autor:CENTRAL LAW Medina, Rosenthal & Asociados

Legislative Decree 119-2008 declared the zones of San Andrés and Erandique (Lempira, Honduras) as reserve zones for the exclusive exploitation, extract and trade of opal –nonmetallic mineral- by inhabitants of that region.

German organizations interested in those zones, such as Fundación de Comercio Justo de Minerales y Gemas, Cooperación Técnica Alemana en Honduras (GIZ) and recently Geo-Expert, have managed to promote the honduran opal in the European Community, especially in Germany.

Professional workshops have been installed in Erandique for the processing of opal which is turned into impressing gems and precious stones out of the four main kind of opal that can be produced: white opal, black opal, crystal and matrix.

The idea is to export the processed mineral in a near future. So far almost 10 metric tons of rough opal has been exported to Germany and Hong Kong. It could also be exported to India and Thailand where some prominent buyers have shown interest in the Honduran opal.

Honduras is one of the five countries around the world that has authentic opal deposits together with...

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