Tobacco Law In Honduras In Force Since February 2011

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The comprehensive Tobacco Control Law is effective in Honduras since February 21st 2011. This law is based on the framework convention for tobacco control of the World Health Organization which the country ratified in 2004 with other 171 nations.

In Latin America, Honduras joins Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Buenos Aires, nine Argentinean provinces, and seven Brazilian states in having strong smoke-free laws and policies. Honduras also has one of the strongest policies on pictorial warning labels in the region, along with Uruguay.

The law aims to reduce and gradually eliminate the tobacco consume in order to grant people's health right especially to women and children which are more exposed to the risks derived from the tobacco -active or passive- consume.

The new legislation 's objective is to regulate the production, distribution, trade, import, consume, publicity, promotion and sponsorship related to tobacco products.

It specifically prohibits smoking in public or private closed places. Offenders are subject to fines: to the smoker (an equivalent fine to a daily payment of a minimum salary. This is almost US$300 per day) ; to the owner of a store ( an equivalent fine to a monthly payment of two minimum salaries. This is almost US$600 per month) and to the owner of a public or private transport (an equivalent fine to one minimum salary).

It is also prohibited to smoke in public or private open spaces in less than 2 meters from people.

Restaurants won't have anymore the smoking areas since they become a non smoking area with the new law.

The stores that don't comply with the law are exposed to their trade license cancellation whenever they are second offenders.

Only the authorized sale stores can sell tobacco and must be attended by workers older than 21 years old. Expending machines are banned and also the tobacco internet sales are prohibited.

The sanction will go from 10 monthly minimum salaries for the first time and second time will be punished with 20 monthly minimum salaries plus the closing of the store for 30 days.

Tobacco cannot be sold in the health centers, educational institutes or universities, libraries, museums and sport facilities.

The sale of tobacco is only allowed to 21 years old persons. Stores must advertise this with a label. Also tobacco products cannot be at the reach of the final consumer, it must be delivered by the seller. Cigars...

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